Here you can find some information and tips to know how to contribute to the wiki.

Basic Information

Don't just write

To edit the wiki, don't just write it. Set some headers, like you can see in this page, to make information easier to find. If your page have some headers, the wiki will automatically make an index to see it better.

Use images

Using images in your page makes it look better. Some of them can be good into the post, and the rest can be in an small gallery in the end of your page (example: Ship with doors opened, ship firing,...).

Use format to make lists

Instead of using a list like this (using just "-" in the start):

- List Item 1

- List Item 2

Use something like this (using the button that is above the editor):

  • List item 1
  • List item 2

Do the same for numerical lists.

Add links to anything

Add links to any words that appear in your page that are any another thing in the Airship Pirates world. It's very easy. You just have to select the text you want link and click the link button. It will change the text with a link to the page with that name. If the name is a bit different from what you wrote, just change it with the exact name of the page. Link a page even when the end page don't exist. It will change the link color to red so anyone who is in that page will see it and if the user click, it will open that page so the user can create it.

Adding a Spoiler warning

If you want to add a Spoiler warning to your page, write {{ in the start of your page and in the modal that will appear search "Spoiler" and click it. It will look like this:
Warning Read at own risk

This article contains unmarked spoilers. Some people maybe don't want to see it to prevent from reading before seeing.

Adding a "You may be looking for" page

If you think people can think that your page is another, just write {{ in the start of your page (if you have a Spoiler warning, this go after it) and search for SimilarName. Then put in the first parameter the name of the current page and in the second parameter the exact name of the other page with "[[" at the start and "]]" at the end (without the quotes). This have to be the exact name because it will be changed with a link to the page with that name. It will look like this:

This article is about this page name. You may be looking for The other page name.

Adding a table of information

If you want to add a table of information in your page, just write {{ in the position where you want it (it will be set in the right of that position) and search for Infobox and select what you need (example: Turret) and fill with the info. If something isn't necessary/you don't have it, just leave it blank. If there isn't an Infobox with the information that you need or you think you need more rows in one which already exists, request it to me in my message wall with the information rows you need and I will add it ASAP. While you don't have it, add a table. Example for a turret Infobox in the right.

Some of the Infoboxes you can see in the search area are the default ones, and they aren't ready for anything related with Airship Pirates.

Current useful Infoboxes for the Airship Pirates wiki:

  • Infobox Turret (see right)
  • Infobox Ship (you can add info about the manufracturer, cost, info about torpedoes and about turrets on it.

Other templates

If you need other templates that you need that can be useful (useful for more than only one/two page(s)), just request it with the information you need in my message wall.

Last update for this page was on December 30th 2017 by altrisi. Don't edit this page. Page edits will be removed if they aren't made by the owner of the page (altrisi) or they aren't essential.