The Kofearian treaty Edit

Unity makes Might Edit

Foreface Edit

It has been a while ago we set foot on O.R.C. controled lands that was called wastelands. Back then we had nothing and no one caring for us, so when the world gained distrust against the O.R.C. we grabbed our chance. The ending of that story is well known among the most of us, but it is not the ending of that story that matters to us. The only thing we gained from it was room to grow without the ability to grow. That takes us to the founding of our economical and architectural pride, the city of Collision. The ground there was coastal so the posibilities there were almost endless. So we did what we can do best, while the world around us burns we thrive in technological, architectural and cultural greatness. This way we survived a long time in the wastelands till that moment we hurted ourselfs with the greatness itself. Why this happend is because we call our own lands the wastelands. We do this while we are quite civilized in our cities and castles. So we managed to achieve greatness in the wastes, so we will again in our precious lands called the Oranau, Kofearian Rocks, the Cacturean desert and all the way to the Trindon jungle and the Sea of Rage. On our own we can manage, but together we can thrive to a better way of excistance. Let this be the fundementals of our new period of reign. Unity makes Might!

Comprehension Determination Edit

Province Edit

A province is an area of land with the borders according to Saulau’s world map. If any landowner disagrees with them they could go to the Kofearian Court.

Landlord Edit

Any landowning title approved by the Kofearian Council.

North-west territories Edit

All lands between [0.0] and [4000.6000].

House Edit

Noble family lead by the head of the house as stated in article 1.1 and 1.2.

Kofearian justice system Edit

All reglements of the Kofearian treaty.

Kofearian Noblehood Edit

A member of a house which is part of the Kofearian treaty.

Kofearian War council Edit

The war council is only active in times of war against all houses following the treaty. This council excists out of 2 houses with the largest militairy, 2 houses elected by the Kofearian council, foreign advisors are allowed.

Dock Edit

A dock is a platform large enough to fit atleast a Smugglerclass Goldsmuggler.

1.0 Land titles Edit

1.1 Right of Title Edit

The right of a land title is achieved by having improved lands within the north-west territories which are not disputed by a landlord.

1.2 Extent of Title Edit

The landlord title goes with the name of your house which the lord in question is the head of. One house can own multiple provinces as corresponding with article 1.1.

1.3 House Responsibilities Edit

The head of the house represents the house infront of the Kofearian justice system and is responsible for all doings of his house.

1.4 House Expansion Edit

The Head of the House is allowed to adopt new members into his house granting them noble status in the eyes of the Kofearian Treaty. The Head of the House hereby gets the rights on the member's land.

1.5 Loose of a Title Edit

The Head of a House is free to kick a member of his house as he pleases. If any lands lost their lord in any way the rights automatically go to the closest heir. If there is no closest heir, the land goes to the Kofearian Council which may point out a new Lord for the land.

1.6 Title by vote Edit

If not met article 1.1 one can also achieve a title by vote. This vote will be to the Kofearian Council and must have atleast 60% in favor.

2.0 Provincial rights Edit

2.1 Right on Sovereignty Edit

Each house has absolute say on everything in their lands as long as it fits the Kofearian Treaty.

2.2 Right on own Justice System Edit

Each province state has the right on handling their own justice system on all violations of their law that have occured in their lands. On violations that crosses borders or violate the Kofearian treaty a Kofearian court is required. If the defendant is of Kofearian noble hood he has the right to apeal to the Kofearian court.

2.3 Right on own Military Edit

Every province has the right on a own militairy force and the right to use it as they want as long as it doesn’t go in conflict with the Kofearian treaty.

2.4 Right on own agreements Edit

Every province is free to make arrangements with other minor/major powers as they want as long as it isn’t in conflict with the Kofearian treaty.

3.0 Defensive regulations Edit

3.1 Defensive Pact Edit

A attack on a province that is owned by a House of Kofearian Noble blood is an attack on all houses within the Kofearian treaty.

3.2 Military Movements Edit

In times of war against all houses, the treaty states all provinces are expected to give airspace access to military crafts of other houses when this is aproved by the Kofearian War Council.

3.3 Military Contribution Edit

Every House is required to have at least half of their military equipment available for the Kofearian War Council.

3.4 Military Alliances Edit

No house is allowed to enter a alliance with a major power without the aproval of the Kofearian Council. However, making a defensive agreement involving the major power aiding you is allowed. This article stands above article 2.4.

4.0 Trade & Commerce Regulations Edit

4.1 Public dock access Edit

Every province state that has a cargo merchant is required to give all provinces who follow the treaty free acces to their public docks. This includes all people of a province, noble or not. At least one dock that is nearest or second nearest to the cargo merchant must be free of tax.

4.2 Free traders passage Edit

All people of provinces who follow the Kofearian treaty have free passage when conducting trade, trough all the provinces who follow the Kofearian treaty. This does not include city airspace.

4.3 Taxes Edit

Houses are free to tax anyone and everything in their lands as long as it isn’t in conflict with article 4.1 and 4.2.

5.0 Kofearian court and council Edit

5.1 Court and council hosting Edit

The hosts for the Kofearian court and council are chosen by the Kofearian council. The host of the Kofearian council will be the chairman of the council and represent the council to the outside. The hosting house of the Kofearian court may appoint a judge. One house cannot host both the Kofearian council and the Kofearian court. A host will only be re-elected if atleast 2 houses are in favour of re-election.

5.2 Number of votes per house Edit

A house gets votes for:

  • Being dedecated house to the Kofearian Confederation of States
  • Being host of the council
  • Having a cargo merchant
  • Having signed the treaty

5.3 Kofearian council responsibilities Edit

The Kofearian council is required to gather atleast one time a week to discuss the current state of the confederation and to maintain the laws of the Kofearian treaty. The council is also responsible for the money recieved from houses.

5.4 Kofearian court responsibilities Edit

The Kofearian court is responsible to execute the justice system as prescribed in the Kofearian treaty.

5.5 Structure of the Kofearian court Edit

The court excists out of the judge, two members of the Kofearian council who are voted in trough the council and random Kofearian citizen. The defendant has the right on clearing his side of the story against the court aswell has the prosecuter. After hearing the defendand and the prosecuter the court gets a brief moment to consult and then has to vote on it, by a equal vote counts the judge’s vote twice.

Registred noble houses Edit

The house of Tackt [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The city state of Collision

The province state of the Tackt Rock

The province state of Dravaue

Members Edit

Head of the house, Lord of Collision and the southern Kofearian Rocks, Saulau of Tackt

Lord of Dravaue, Nauer of Tackt

The house of the Hutt [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The province state of Cacture

Members Edit

Head of the house, Jawa of Cacture, Regio the Hutt

Lady of Cacture, Nether the Hutt

The house of Qarori [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The earldom of Qarori

Members Edit

Head of the house, Earl of Qarori, Qube of Qarori

The house of Acadia [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The province state of Acadia

Members Edit

Head of the house, Lord of Acadia, Time of Acadia

Admiral of the Acadian fleet, Fedde of Acadia

The house of Grass [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The province state of Invio

Members Edit

Head of the house, Lord of Castrum Invio, Bent Grass

The house of Waulroth [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The province state of Waulroth

The province state of Endwall

The province state of Skyfall

Members Edit

Head of the house, Skylord of Waulroth, Ender of Waulroth

Sealord of Endwall, Bob of Waulroth

Sky Engineer of Waulroth, Voltor of Waulroth

The house of Iridium [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The province state of Altrus

The province state of Port Gromm

The Iridium Southern Islands

The province state of Stowfield

The province state of Aurora

Members Edit

Head of the house, prime minister, Sonic of Iridium

The house of Keystone [SIGNEDTREATY] Edit

Holdings Edit

The province state of Keystone

Members Edit

Head of the house, lord of Keystone, Sir Game of Stoneport