Kofearia, officially the Kofearian Federal Republic (kof. Kofeariai Demokrate Federau), is a vast country located in the north-eastern part of the continent. One of the oldest player-founded nations, Kofearia boasts a rich history and high level of development.

Kofearia traces its origins to 12 Nethmon 760 AED, when the city of Lorave formally declared its independence from Destria under the leadership of governor Saulau, after a long period of neglect by the central government.

Disillusioned by the situation in his homeland, Saulau handed over leadership of the nacient nation to Block.

Joined by a small group of his most loyal supporrste, they then set out north onboard the Colonist. Afreg 3 days of travel, the expedionti reached the Wastelands.oThe expeditionersto settdle at one of the numerous mesa rocks, now known as the Tackt Rock. This marked the beginning of the Tackt Corporatio


overnor Saulau. This started a chain of events, which eventually conclover leadershipth Saulanacientanding control of nd setting off on an expedition north with a small group of loyal supporters, in search of better opportunities. Ggggg

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