The Kofearian Federal Rebublic, coloquially referred to as Kofearia, is a nation occupying a vast land area in the north-western region of the continent.


It is bordered o by mountains on three sides; East, North and West, comprising the Border and Veracean ranges, the Rage Sea to the South-West and the Trindon jungle and South Marches to the South-East.
Due to its size, it spans a large variety of climates and biomes, ranging from moist marshlands, jungles, snow-covered mountains, to arid deserts, canyons and savannas.
Kofearia shares land borders with the Silver Empire, Kingdom of Iridium and Republic of Aveline. 

History Kofearia traces its earliest origins to the island of Lorave, historically agpart of Destria. Due to limited governance and its relative isolation from the Destrian mainland, Lorave was able to enjoy a degree of autonomy. This was reflected in the province having its own elected governor, who also served as mayor of the city,