The Kingdom of Stoneport is a faction founded on the 20th February by King Max The Great in a landlocked valley previously designated as a buffer zone between the DLR, Imperium Argentum and C.E.S.P (Now known as KCS).

Stoneport is and always has been a absolute monarchy, advised by a collection of knights and noblemen.

Settlements currently under the control of Stoneport consists of the city of Stoneport which is landlocked and lies on a river confluence in the Stoneportian Valley. In addition Stoneport also has a mega-airship under construction, the RSA Indefiable, which lies above the ocean on the southern side of the map.

Stoneport saw its first small glipse of war during the war of alliances, when it sided with the Imperial Coalition against the Old Alliance.

Stoneport was at war with the Republic of Xavia.

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