Minecraft Airship Pirates Episode 3 The Big Score Part 308:31

Minecraft Airship Pirates Episode 3 The Big Score Part 3


The Battle of The Argean was the first major battle between the Pirates and the Kingdom of Lanier and took place on 13th Nethmon, 752

Vessels InvolvedEdit

Tiger Shark-Destroyed

Shadow of The Deep-damaged



Destroyer 1-Destroyed

Corvette 1-Destroyed

Destroyer 2-Destroyed

Destroyer 3-Destroyed

Corvette 2-Destroyed

Corvette 3_Destroyed

Corvette 4-Destroyed

Destroyer 4-Destroyed

Destroyer 5_Destroyed


Overall, the battle was a success for the Pirates, with all RN vessels being downed allthough the Tiger Shark was destroyed when Morton rammed the Indomitable. This battle gave the Pirates a chance to rebuild from the loss of the Den and to build South Haven.

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