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"Airship pirates: Origins" is a series that aired on YouTube on November 29th 2015. It was made as a prequel to the Minecraft Airship Pirates series.

Plot Edit

The plot takes place 12 years before the War of Aquisition, when the Kingdom of Lanier is ruled by a corrupt king and an oppressive aristocracy. Those who dared to raise higher than the place they were born into often got engaged in airship piracy. Edward the Bloody was the most notorious and violent pirate at that time. After the Royal Navy corvette HMA Osprey, who was escorting a merchant vessel in the Ventis gulf, and the merchant ship it was escorting gets shot down, Robert Bellamy, a second class shipwright in the Royal Navy and Doctor Eckener are set to figure out the "mechanical failure" that caused her to sink. Bellamy is interested in presenting the idea of the submersible airship, something Admiral Chase doubt will work. When Bellamy later gets arrested, he decides to sign himself and fellow prisoners up for the crew on a pirate sloop attacking the prisoner transport.

Spoiler Warning for Episodes 1-15.

Episode Name Plot summary First aired
1 Stirring the pot Edward the bloody's pirate fleet pursue and sink a Royal Navy corvette and a Merchant vessel in the Ventis gulf. Robert Bellamy and Doctor Eckener are set to determine the "mechanical failure", causing the sinking. Bellamy is critical to the Royal Navy's coverup on how the corvette sank, in addition to present an idea of an airship that can submerge. November 29. 2015
2 Internal affairs Representatives from the Silver Empire meet up with rebellion leaders near the town of Fillanel, Dragon Reaches to supply them with equipment needed for the rebellion. Later, the people of the town takes the Duke alive in order to demand justice from the King. But the Royal Navy decides to respond in a very different way. December 20. 2015
3 Unfair trials Morton D. Walker, the captain of the destroyer that bombed Fillanel, is put on trial for the bombing and sentenced to death. Later that day, Bellamy has completed his submersible airship prototype, ensuring Eckener that it will succeed. However, as the air trials takes place the next morning, the prototype is attacked by an unknown fighter. January 10. 2016
4 Meeting of fates After surviving the crash, Bellamy is stranded for 3 days in the jungle, having lost one of his eyes, when two local people rescue him. As he spend 3 weeks to recover, two Royal Navy marines arrest him for selling ship designs to the Silver Empire. Along with captain Walker, Bellamy is put on the prisoner transport departing from Renora, en route to Aerie-on-the-Isle. But the transport will never make it to Aerie. January 31. 2016
5 If you can't beat them As the pirate sloop that attacked the prisoner transport boards it, Bellamy hatches a plan to save the other prisoners by signing them up for its crew. Bellamy makes a surprising discovery as he reads the Articles on Piracy. Admiral Chase and the Minister talk about the new ship in development when a Royal Navy marine tells them that all prisoners escaped. Back at the Rusted Spear, Bellamy has equipped it with a scattershot cannon when a merchant ship turn up ahead of them. February 21. 2016
6 Deterioating relations The rusted Spear shoots down the merchant vessel after pursuing it. The salvation crew completes salvaging the wreck when a destroyer approaches them. After the Spear is damaged in combat with the destroyer, Bellamy is critical to captain Anne Cormac's decision to fight the destroyer. When she threatens to payback on Bellamy, Morton pushes her off the damaged bridge. March 13. 2016
7 Stacking the deck The Rusted Spear evades detection by the pursuing destroyer. Morton hatches a plan to make Bellamy captain of the Spear. At the secret shipyard near Emerald Bay, Chase expresses frustration over delays in the ship project when Edward the bloody suddenly turn up. At the Spear, the crew elect Bellamy for the new captain. But the next day, he receives an order that will put him, Morton and half of the crew in danger. April 3. 2016
8 A Good Day Morton and Bellamy discusses Edward's order to kill the crew when his crew spot a Silver Empire transport vessel. Bellamy uses a different method to get the ship's content, which one person in his crew criticize him for. After the raid, the Rusted Spear encounter a Royal Navy flotilla of 1 battleship and 2 destroyers. Cormac is locked up in a cell onboard that battleship May 1. 2016
9 Red sky in the morning Fearing what may happen to his crew, Bellamy decides that they should kill Edward. As the Spear approaches the Onslaught, Cormac's former first mate fires the Spear's cannon too early, triggering a counterattack from the Onslaught, sinking the Spear. May 22. 2016
10 Respite Stranded on the Seabed, Bellamy and his surviving crewmembers decide to warm up the lifting gas to raise to sea level. They run out of oxygen when they reach the surface; to discover they had drifted into an underwater cavern which they decide to use as a base. Bellamy also use his knowledge to make the Spear submersible. June 12. 2016
11 Serpendity Edward interrogates the lookout about the attack before throwing him off the Onslaught. The conversion of the Spear to a subairship is finished when one of Bellamy's crewmembers decide that they should visit Percussio, an exiled Capal, to get information and supplies. Doctor Eckener tries to deal with his past when he spot something in the horizon. July 3. 2016
12 The Plot thickens The Rusted Spear and her crew arrives at Percussio's black market. As they stay there, Doctor Eckener suddenly turns up, telling about Chase building his warship design and bringing up the charges against him. Disguised as a prison guard, one of Edward's men attempts to kill Cormac, but gets killed by Morton. July 24. 2016
13 The Honest Lie As Admiral Chase interrogates captain Cormac about Edward the Bloody's plans, a statement Chase is in doubt of its truth, Bellamy's pirate group, with help from Doctor Eckener, breaks in to the secret shipyard, stealing the new submersible battleship. The Royal Navy's attack on the pirate sloop "Thirsty Cutlas" is the final act that provokes Edward the Bloody August 14. 2016
14 Calamity Information from the interrogation of Captain Cormac leads Admiral Chase to Percussio's black market, forcing Bellamy, his crew, Percussio and his men to flee. Bellamy discovers that the submersible battleship has too many malfunctions, making her unable for combat.

Destroyers trap the captured ship when Edward shoots down one of them.

September 11. 2016
15 Day of Reckoning Admiral Chase's flagship comes under heavy fire from Edward's fleet, giving Bellamy and his crew a chance to get away. A torpedo corvette has luck in hitting and sinking the onslaught. A member of a Bellamy's crew carry out a suicide attack against Chase's flagship. Realizing that Edward's men are now without a leader, Bellamy tries to get them on his side. October 2. 2016
16 A new beginning Following the death of Edward the Bloody and withdrawal of the Royal Navy fleet, the rest of Edward's pirate fleet starts breaking up. Political turmoil sends shockwaves through the kingdom of Lanier and the reaction from the King is violent. Bellamy makes success with his new ship until his next raid comes over some unusual peace of cargo.
17 Compromised The Shadow of the deep, now carrying Hibernian refugees trying to escape the turmoil and famine in the Kingdom, is sailing to Janportus to offload the refugees.
18 Apologetics As a result of the Hibernian immigration to Janportus, disagreements is mounting between Consul Vernes of Janportus and Praetor Tiberus of the Vigiles Urbani.
19 Malcontent Frigga reveals to her father, Lord Fjordgyn, about a plan to increase grain production and export while her father wants to marry her to a Duke in Aerie. En route, however, Bellamy and his pirate group hijacks the passenger transport and Bellamy is meets his former captain, which has deadly results.
20 Rude Awakening Surviving the bomb blast, Frigga and Bellamy must survive the crash as the wreckage falls to the sea. Meanwhile, Frigga learns more of the woman she was stuck with at the transport.
21 Collaboration in the ongoing crisis in Janportus, Vigiles Conall tells Praetor Tiberus about what is needed to reduce crime in the Hibernian ghettos in the city. Meanwhile, a coffin ship en route to Janportus turns up where Bellamy, Cormac and Frigga is holding on to a piece of wreckage from the transport
22 Premonition Bellamy secures a passage on the coffin ship "Oceanus". But a confrontation between the Oceanus fighters and a Janportus Defence patrol seems to be the start of an escalating conflict.
23 She who would be Queen Morton and the rest of the pirates keep searching for the captain while fighting several Royal Navy ships. In the kingdom, an offer of aid from the Silver Empire is turned down and the King's treatment of the Hibernians are being questioned. In Janportus, the crisis is escalating as several Vigiles Urbani-employees starts plotting against the Praetor.
24 The Pendulum Swings Bellamy, Cormac and Frigga arrives in Janportus shortly before the ship they were on gets shot down by a JDF patrol.
25 The Rule of Law In response to the death of the Praetor, the consul of Janportus orders ships carrying illegal immigrants to be shot down. Bellamy gets in contact with someone who can message the Shadow, and deadly force is used against Hibernian workers protesting the governments handling of the crisis.
26 The Hammer Falls in the response to the crackdowns in Janportus, the Royal Navy invades the independent city-state, and the JDF realize they are unable to withstand. In desperation, they turn to the Silver Empire, who refuse to help them out of the situation with the Kingdom.
27 The Shadow Incident - Part 1 In the middle of crisis of being invaded by the Kingdom of Lanier, the Janportus Defence Force employ new, state of the art torpedo-carrying fighter aircrafts. As the Shadow makes its way to Janportus, the Royal Navy fleet is forced to battle it and the JDF.
28 The Shadow Incident - Part 2 the crew on the Shadow tries everything to escape the Royal Navy, who lose a second destroyer and have a third rammed by a JDF fighter, killing its captain. The damages to the Shadow does not satisfy Bellamy and Frigga insists on selling the loot from captured ships for maximum profit. In Aerie, lieutnant Longfort tells Crassus' director the real events called "The Shadow Incident". With Janportus under Kingdom control, King George makes plans for what will happen in the city, as well as discussing business opportunities with capal Crassus. But Crassus' plans for the Kingdom is very different.