Not to be confused with Airship Pirates: Origins

The Airship Pirates series is a series shot in Minecraft that aired on YouTube between 2. january 2014 and 18. october 2015.

The series covers pirate captain Robert Bellamy, his pirate group and the events resulting in the War of Acquisition and later, the Second Age of Darkness.

Number Name Plot summary First aired
1 The Big Score - Part 1 The Shadow of the Deep returns to the Den of Thieves with new crewmembers and the Tiger Shark is nearing completion. Bellamy decides to carry out a raid on the Kingdoms newest merchant vessels and discovered he got more than he bargained for
2 The Big Score - Part 2 With the white missile, a weapon of mass destruction, in the Shadows hangar bay, Bellamy and his crew is unsure about what to do with it yet. In a conversation with Morton and Frigga, the intentions for a bomb shipment to Verace is revealed. The Royal Navy send a fleet to the Argean Sea and Bellamy and his pirate group are forced to hurry the escape.
3 The Big Score - Part 3 The pirates are facing the Royal Navy fleet, and the Shadow's crew launches the stolen white missile at the fleet, sinking the flagship and causing great damage to the other ships. The Tiger Shark launches torpedoes into the corvettes and destroyers trying to sink the Shadow. When the battleship HMA Indomitable is the last ship in the Royal Navy fleet, Morton decides to ram the Tiger Shark into it.
4 Aftermath Some of the crew on the destroyer HMA Whirlwind manages to survive as it goes down and climbs on top of the wreck. The pirates gets suppiles to the survivors and together, they form a new city in the Argean sea
5 The Silver Empire Seeks Payment Following the recent scandal with the King, he is deposed and his niece Katherina becomes the new Queen, who makes plans for reforms and rooting out corruption. But the Royal Navy shipyards in Emerald Bay becomes a site for a Silver Empire attack.

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