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The Airship Pirates series is a series shot in Minecraft that aired on YouTube between 2. january 2014 and 18. october 2015.

The series covers pirate captain Robert Bellamy, his pirate group and the events resulting in the War of Acquisition and later, the Second Age of Darkness.

Number Name Plot summary First aired
1 The Big Score - Part 1 The Shadow of the Deep returns to the Den of Thieves with new crewmembers and the Tiger Shark is nearing completion. Bellamy decides to carry out a raid on the Kingdoms newest merchant vessels and discovered he got more than he bargained for
2 The Big Score - Part 2 With the white missile, a weapon of mass destruction, in the Shadows hangar bay, Bellamy and his crew is unsure about what to do with it yet. In a conversation with Morton and Frigga, the intentions for a bomb shipment to Verace is revealed. The Royal Navy send a fleet to the Argean Sea and Bellamy and his pirate group are forced to hurry the escape.
3 The Big Score - Part 3 The pirates are facing the Royal Navy fleet, and the Shadow's crew launches the stolen white missile at the fleet, sinking the flagship and causing great damage to the other ships. The Tiger Shark launches torpedoes into the corvettes and destroyers trying to sink the Shadow. When the battleship HMA Indomitable is the last ship in the Royal Navy fleet, Morton decides to ram the Tiger Shark into it.
4 Aftermath Some of the crew on the destroyer HMA Whirlwind manages to survive as it goes down and climbs on top of the wreck. The pirates gets suppiles to the survivors and together, they form a new city in the Argean sea
5 The Silver Empire Seeks Payment Following the recent scandal with the King, he is deposed and his niece Katherina becomes the new Queen, who makes plans for reforms and rooting out corruption. But the Royal Navy shipyards in Emerald Bay becomes a site for a Silver Empire attack.
6 An unexpected


The pirates tries to intercept a Royal Navy destroyer, only to find it carrying a royal envoy to a meeting with the leadership in South Haven
7 A Business Proposal The envoy arrives in South Haven. Shortly after meeting Bellamy and Frigga, Elanor Heloisie makes an announcement to the people in South Haven. But resentment and distrust to the Kingdom makes the deal proposal not going through.
8 The Diplomat When talking about civilians caught in the bombardments, Bellamy is called to fix a problem with the destroyer's moorings. In the meantime, Frigga and Heloisie manages to hammer out a deal with the Kingdom.
9 An old aquaintance South Haven's Skull Squadron intercepts a Silver Empire assault craft. On the town meeting, there are disagreements about the treaty with the Kingdom and shared control of the fleet. Despite having recovery a long time ago, Morton refuse to go out of cover. Morton and ace Roy Falconner makes plans to deal with a political agitator.
10 Stanch The Bleeding The refitted Shadow of the Deep is sent out into battle in the Dragon Reaches as the Royal Navy suffers heavy losses to the Silver Empire. The Shadow and the Skull Squadron makes success against the Silver Empire forces.
11 Methods of Persuation Fentan is being questioned by one of his own men about his political agitation and pushing the pirates. Morton expresses concerns about Fentan's agitation in South Haven politics as well as that his son lives in the Silver Empire's warpath. Roy and Morton then goes to Roy's ship to get Fentan's son..
12 The Condemned Capal Crassus greets signatories arriving at the Crassus Airworks. In a conversation with a director, Crassus draws up plans for increased work schedules, much to the director's question. Later, an Escort carrier returning from a raid is never about to arrive in Imperial territory.
13 Ghosts While en route to Fogholt, they stop by Renora, which is being bombed by Silver Empire forces, giving Morton flashbacks to his past. As they meet Fentan's son in Fogholt, Roy must step in when Morton is confronted by a beggar.
14 The Goliath Incident - Part 1 Two years after the bombing of Emerald Bay, the Royal Navy introduces their new battleship, the HMA Goliath. Bellamy is skeptical about the size of the ship, much to disagreement from the Royal Navy. As the ship embarks on air trials, the crew attacks a Silver Empire fighter squadron, with unexpected results
15 The Goliath Incident - Part 2 With the anti-aircraft weapons sabotaged, the crew of the Goliath must fight the hordes of Silver Empire fighters, assisted by the Pirates.
16 The Law of Diminishing Returns The Pirates' involvement in the war is provoking the Silver Empire and Crassus ramps up against them. Meanwhile, Frigga is alarmed while evacuating civilians in a Kingdom inland city.
17 The Kraken at the Rubicon The Silver Empire invasion fleet is advancing towards South Haven while the Pirates efforts to halt the advance. Meanwhile, the Silver Empire begins to lose control of the Dragon Reaches.
18 The Fall of South Haven - Part 1 With the Silver Empire invasion fleet diverted to the Dragon reaches, Bellamy thinks the situation is under control. Morton discovers who Fentan, who also reveals Morton's past, is collaborating with and must hastly evacuate the Pirate fleet
19 The Fall of South Haven - Part 2 The Silver Empire have gained control of South Haven, but failed to crush the Pirates' fighting morale. While Roy insists that Morton must control the fleet, Morton instead sets out to find and rescue Bellamy.
20 Trapped Morton's attempt to find Bellamy doesn't go as planned. After being rescued by Roy, they take the head interrogator captive and leaves im behind off-limits for any rescue.
21 Amateurs Talk Tactics, Professionals Talk Logistics - Part 1 As the situation for the Kingdom becomes critical, they decide to raid the depot at Sunkschiff. But the Silver Empire has been expecting them.
22 Amateurs Talk Tactics, Professionals Talk Logistics - Part 2 The Royal Navy and the Pirates is suffering heavy losses as the battle of Sunkschiff progresses, resulting in royal victory and the depot destroyed. A week later a Pirate Minnow Mk2 is encountering a Silver Empire bulk freighter adrift far away from Imperial territory.
23 Captivated 3 weeks after the capture of South Haven, Capal Crassus is dissatisfied with Bellamy's design of a new submersible lightcruiser. Frigga offers Crassus a more effective solution to his logistics. Several months later, conflict between director Poznan and Frigga reaches a breaking point. But something is also going on in the harbor of Verace.
24 The Enemy of My Enemy The Pirates keep raiding the supply routes of other capals and suspicion is soon mounted on Frigga, trying to survive in the Management division. The Pirates' rescue team begins to run out of time.
25 Freedom's price Morton and Roy comes to Frigga's and Bellamy's rescue. Frigga leaves a going away-present for Crassus and the Pirates are soon in a firefight with the Verace garrison.
25 Revolution and Redemption - part 1 The Regulators' office takes action against Crassus, which backfires. in South Haven, the Imperial forces tries to curb any attempts of revolt and Fentan's son proposes a deal with a Pirate captain held captive.
26 Revolution and Redemption - part 2 Fentan's son meets with Morton and offers him inside information of the Silver Empire operations in South Haven. Months later, the Pirates, now lead by Bellamy, strike at full force.
27 Devil May Care Two months after liberating South Haven, the Pirates starts to rebuild. In the north, a confrontation between a barracuda and a new assault craft has the outcome of both pilots surviving.
28 The Lower Decks During the battle of Ventis Gulf, the crew of the Shadow battles to save the ship mid-battle
29 Finis Imperii - part 1 Facing defeat, the Capal Crassus concentrates most of the defence on Verace itself as the Royal Navy and Pirates are advancing.
30 Finis Imperii - part 2 The battle of Verace turns in the Empire's disfavor and Capal Crassus' refusal to surrender makes his own men turn against him.
31 Unrest Controlled by the Royal Navy, the Silver Empire is at the brink of civil war. Meanwhile, a new unexpected threat appears
31 Pretension The treaty between the Royal Navy, the Pirates and the Silver Empire is signed. Grand Heirophant Hughes Niblo tells about how civilications can outnumber each other. While returning to South Haven, Niblo must step in during an encounter with a lost Royal Navy ship.